Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Agape Student Video

This is a video a few co-workers/friends and I worked on for a couple months. It's the first of what we hope to be a series of videos that challenge students. It's in Italian but I think you can get the premise of the video just by watching. The idea is your daily life and all the things that get your attention and time but then stopping and reflecting on much time you spend in your relationship with God during the day, how much do you influence those around you daily, how much time do you spend studying the Bible, etc. then it shoots back to starting the day over from the top and changing how we approach the day what we do with our time,etc... Enjoy!

SPOT AGAPE 2010 from Gstudios on Vimeo.

The goodness of the Lord

Since about last January I'll be honest as always and say I've doubted the Lord's goodness, his plan for me and wondered often if I could really trust Him. Many days I answered no to these things and I tried to figure out how to still be a "Christian" but work it out better for myself by taking the control of my life from God. I can't say I walked away from Him but just simply chose to not engage with Him and I began to believe lies about His character and his promises. It has and still is a long road in that spiritual department but I will say over the last month He has show me some glimpses of who He really is, reminded of His promises and that they are trustworthy, He has provided a couple of amazing times with some of the glas in our ministry and well dropped a few things in my lap that provide accountability for me to at least engage with Him. I love those times when He shows me his goodness and the good He says He has for those who love Him. I know I am far from deserving of it but yet even in my valley of dark and struggling days He shows himself and He lets me see Him. Just this morning I was reading somewhere in the Bible for my study tomorrow and it was a verse about the plans He has for us but what caught my eyes was that it said those plans came from His heart. It somehow makes Him more real to me and allows me a glimpse into the depths of His love for me. THe fact His plans for me, for us didn't just come out of his good ideas box, off His list of things to do, out of the fleetings of His mind but rather they came from His heart. They had love, purpose, and our best interest in mind when they were decided for each of us. It's a small nugget I know but for me righ tnow those things are huge to see.

Quasi Decembre...Davvero?!?

Wow! I can't believe it's almost December and well I feel like I'm still struggling to get my feet planted back here this semester. There were a few team changes,etc. as I spoke of earlier but really the problem is more personal. Perhaps it's the place I find myself in life...29 1/2 yrs. old and just realizing that even if I still feel 23. Every couple of days a plethora of thoughts and questions run through my mind that at times create anxiety or fear in me. I wonder what'next for me, is Italy still it, will I end up alone here with several staff leaving recently, who am I as a real adult, what are the passions the Lord is developing in me, more time with my family?, if I ever got a different job what would it be, what are my big dreams/desires for life, where are the Lord and I going, what does He have in store for me, who am I becoming as His daughter and oh so much more. My brain seems to never stop so much so that I often flop around at night for hours thinking about it all or have dreams about it. My desire right now though is to find my peace in Christ, trust Him and his plans for me and my life but I feel like recently the enemy is set on tempting me to doubt, worry,etc. Not much more to say on this just things I am pondering at the moment in life.

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